My name is Jonas Sponås.

I’m an IT Operations Manager and have worked with IT operations for more than 10 years. I live in Holmestrand, Norway.

This website.

On this site, I’ll share my experience and honest opinions based on my work with InfoSec and IT management. I strive to make a website that would be helpful to me in my earlier years, and hopefully someone will benefit from my articles.

My story.

I began my career in 2008 as an IT Apprentice outside my home town, Molde, at a company called Hustadmarmor – the worlds leading producer of liquid marmor. That product looks and feels much like correction fluid, but is used in paper to make it white and pretty.

Fun fact. If you have some white photo paper laying around, chances are that it contains slurry from Hustadmarmor. Fun fact number two. Paper can contain more than 50% stone, and that’s why glossy magazines don’t burn so well.

After my apprenticeship, my wife and I moved to Holmestrand, her home town, in 2010. I got a job in Drammen at Umoe IKT, later bought by ATEA. There I was helping customers from all over the country as 1. line support.

I was soon stationed as local helpdesk at Software Innovation, now Tieto. When Software Innovation later decided to terminate the helpdesk contract with ATEA, they advertised a new position to fill their helpdesk and other internal IT needs. I got that job and started there in February 2012.

During that employment I got fascinated about PowerShell, and learnt it from self study. PowerShell is now one of the things I’m most passionate about in my professional life. Security is also something I care a lot about, and I have always been interested in the topic.

Now, I’m the IT Operations Manager at EcoOnline in Tønsberg, and have been since November 2013. I’m involved with more or less all internal IT systems and try to make them secure, available and predictable.

When I worked at Software Innovation, I took the initiative to get the company approved as a company that can educate IT apprentices, since I had experience as one my self and I saw all the benefits such a program had. EcoOnline also became approved, so today we have one apprentice at our department, and I’m responsible that the apprentice have access to required resources and gets proper training to pass his exam and become a “Skilled Worker”.